I met James Valiquet after I retired and moved to New Hampshire after 40 years in the miltary, with the last 32 years in the  Air Force Security Forces as the Operations Superintendent in an Air National Guard unit. Because of our common background, both in Law Enforcement and the Air Force, Jim and I quickly became friends. During my military career, I worked with numerous local, state, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies nationwide, especially after 9-11. In doing so, I met many exceptional individuals in all levels of Law Enforcement. I consider Jim to be among that group.

      As I learned more about Jim, I realized that his Law Enforcement knowledge and experience was equal to the best of those I worked with, and broader than many in related areas such as Fire/Rescue Operations and Emergency Management. Jim obtained his knowledge and experience through many years of dedication, hard work, and personal sacrifice. He recently earned a Master of Arts Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. That is no small feat and is a critically needed skill in today’s environment. I ask that you read Jim’s resume closely. On a professional level, he has earned the “Been there, done that”  T-shirt.  

    On a personal level, I know Jim as a loving father and husband, and a trustworthy, dependable friend. He devotes a good portion of his off duty time to the needs of the community in general, and especially the police, fire, and medical personnel as Director/Chairman of the New Hampshire Police, Fire, and EMS Foundation.  

    In closing I again ask; please read his extensive resume. You will not find a more qualified candidate for the office of Sheriff of Merrimack County.

Richard Saritelli

Senior Master Sergeant(retired)

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NH Primary Election: Tuesday, September 8th, 2020