Police Chief Jim Valiquet and I are lifelong friends, going back to our high school days. Although we took different career paths, we have kept in touch with each other. Jim’s career led him from being a police patrolman, to a detective and finally police chief.   Jim is now campaigning to run as Sheriff in Merrimack County.

Fourteen years ago, Jim founded the New Hampshire Police, Fire and EMS Foundation, and I know this is one of his proudest accomplishments. He asked me to come on as a director in order to help fundraise to assist first responders and their families in need with non-work related issues such as illnesses to help pay their bills.

Fourteen years later, the Foundation has given over $175,000 in aid.  Jim still leads this Foundation with great enthusiasm. His ability to lead as a team player shows in everything he does.

As a police officer Jim led an investigation in a missing person case, of a family member of mine, even being sent out of State to follow-up on leads.  He was extremely thorough and was very caring to the family.

Jim is a very caring individual, is highly qualified in the law enforcement field, and would be a great resource as Sheriff of Merrimack County.

Please support Police Chief James S. Valiquet as Sheriff of Merrimack County.

Mike Baillargeon, Secretary

New Hampshire Police, Fire and EMS Foundation

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NH Primary Election: Tuesday, September 8th, 2020