I write in support of Jim Valiquet for Merrimack County Sheriff.  I offer the perspective of someone who spent a career in public safety, including as Director of the New Hampshire State Police and Commissioner for the New Hampshire Department of Safety.

It is important that the next Merrimack County Sheriff possess the requisite skills, experience and personal attributes to lead the department in these challenging times. The Jim Valiquet I have worked with, is a person of integrity and a leader committed to doing what is right, not what is popular or expedient. He has excellent interpersonal skills and understands the importance of building relationships and trust with the citizens he serves.

Jim is a leader who listens, evaluates and then responds appropriately to the given situation. I am impressed with his calm demeanor and his ability to make good decisions and resolve complicated problems. Jim does all this while maintaining a positive “can do” attitude, which is not always easy when you are the chief of local law enforcement agency. In that capacity, Jim has for many years made those tough decisions on a daily basis.

Jim Valiquet represents the very best of New Hampshire law enforcement, with a breadth of experience and a list of accomplishments that is unmatched. I strongly recommend him as the next Sheriff for Merrimack County. He is an individual with an outstanding law enforcement background, demonstrated leadership skills and high personal standards for integrity. The citizens of Merrimack County will be well served by electing Jim as their next sheriff.

John J. Barthelmes

Hopkinton, NH

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NH Primary Election: Tuesday, September 8th, 2020