July 11, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

This endorsement letter of support is for Bradford Police Chief James Valiquet, as he is seeking the position of Sheriff for New Hampshire’s Merrimack County.  As Bradford’s interim Fire Chief, I have worked closely with Police Chief Valiquet on a number of important issues.  During such time I have seen his genuine dedication, hard work and commitment given to the entire Bradford community.  Not only does he tend to the needs of his own community, he also stays connected and offers assistance to those within the surrounding towns as well.

James understands the complex needs that go into making a team function effectively and responsibly, which is demonstrated by his ability to lead by example.  There are so many incidents that occur on a daily basis where Chief Valiquet puts his officers first, before thinking of himself.  During many conversations, you can clearly feel the pride exhibited by Chief Valiquet as he talks about the professionalism and hard work demonstrated by various members within the Bradford Police Department.

One great example of his dedication to his community has been his understanding of praising his own department’s personnel.  When two of his officers responded to a medical incident that could have resulted in a tragic outcome, instead it turned into a life saving event, due to the professional response from both officers.  Chief Valiquet organized a public meeting to acknowledge and honor his officers by presenting each of them with life saving awards and certificates for a job well done.

After reading through James Valiquet’s resume, you will notice his background is filled with dedication, commitment and integrity needed to get the job done.  What I have noticed, is his approach to every task comes with a problem-solving, effective and efficient attitude.  He enjoys the challenge of a difficult job, and is willing to do whatever it takes, to accomplish it within a timely manner.  Above all, he believes transparency is an import building block, which is required to develop a solid foundation of trust for those who work together.

Chief James Valiquet has an extensive range of knowledge and experience to make a positive difference wherever he goes.  I believe James Valiquet has the background and skill set required to honorably take on the position of Sheriff, which is why I wholeheartedly endorse and support James Valiquet as the next Sheriff of Merrimack County.  If you have any questions or thoughts please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime: challengingopps@gmail.com or call 774-836-2386.


Christopher J. Olsen

595 South Main Street • Wolfeboro, NH 03894 • 774-836-2386

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