James Valiquet for Merrimack County Sheriff 2020

With the Primary Election only 3 days away, we wanted to show appreciation for everyone that helped us get to this point.

Once Jim announced his campaign, there was so much support that helped us gain momentum. We appreciate everyone that endorsed, donated, and supported our campaign to get Jim elected as your next Merrimack County Sheriff.

And a special thanks to all of our friends that left us such thoughtful and meaningful endorsements!

Thank you again for your support, Paul Holloway, who said, “I urge you to support Chief Jim Valiquet in his run for Merrimack County Sheriff by voting for him in the September primary. His team attitude will help strengthen an already good department.”

Thank you again, Richard Saritelli, who said of Jim, “You will not find a more qualified candidate for the office of Sheriff of Merrimack County.”

Thank you to, Mary Kay MacNichol, who says, “Jim Valiquet is a true leader who inspires, mentors, and stays well connected”

Thank you for your support, Earl Sweeney, who said of Jim’s experience and character when he heard Jim was running for Merrimack County Sheriff, “Throughout your career I have observed many instances where you have gone above and beyond your sworn duties to contribute to the people of your communities (Exeter, Newbury, and now Bradford) and to all of New Hampshire law enforcement as well, with leadership roles as head of the Central New Hampshire SWAT unit, a term as President of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, and as a founder of the Police, Fire and EMS charitable foundation. I have also noticed that in every community where you have worked, you have established a positive relationship with the fire department and emergency medical teams, working in unison to help save lives and property. On top of that, you are a devoted husband and father, espousing family values and moderation in your personal life.”

Thank you again, Don Vittum, who said, “When asked for permission to publish his support Don said “Any time! You are an outstanding professional and a great chief of police! I truly believe that the citizens will see those qualities as we all did when you were the president of association!””

Thank you kindly, Neal Janvrin, who says about Jim, “He has always proven to be fair and firm. We have not always thought the same way, but the ability to communicate was always his strong suit and we have always worked out the kinks. There is no one more qualified to be Sheriff. If I was a resident of your county he would have my vote.”

Thank you again to, Michael Pearl, who says in his endorsement and letter to the editor, “His character will flourish in the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Department and take it to the next level.”

Thank you for the kind words, John J. Barthelmes, who said, “Jim Valiquet represents the very best of New Hampshire law enforcement, with a breadth of experience and a list of accomplishments that is unmatched. I strongly recommend him as the next Sheriff for Merrimack County. He is an individual with an outstanding law enforcement background, demonstrated leadership skills and high personal standards for integrity. The citizens of Merrimack County will be well served by electing Jim as their next sheriff.”

Thank you again, Christopher J. Olsen, who said of Jim’s experience and campaign, “Chief James Valiquet has an extensive range of knowledge and experience to make a positive difference wherever he goes. I believe James Valiquet has the background and skill set required to honorably take on the position of Sheriff, which is why I wholeheartedly endorse and support James Valiquet as the next Sheriff of Merrimack County.”

Thank you, Mike Baillargeon, who says, “Jim is a very caring individual, is highly qualified in the law enforcement field, and would be a great resource as Sheriff of Merrimack County.”

Thank you very much, Glen Drewniak, gave Jim an endorsement saying, “As a former Officer for the Town of Newbury, current Officer for the Town of Bradford, both under the direction of Chief Valiquet and former Deputy Sheriff for the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office under that past two elected Sheriffs I believe he is the best candidate for the job and will bring great credit to the position of Sheriff of Merrimack County.”

Thank you again, Walter A. Madore, who said, “If you, the voters of Merrimack County, are looking for a compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable, leader in your next Sheriff, I urge you to vote for Jim Valiquet.”

Thank you, Andrew Shagoury, who says, “He has the qualifications and experience to be an excellent sheriff for Merrimack County.”

Thank you to, Jim Bibbo, who said of Jim in an endorsement and a letter to the Concord Monitor, “I got to know Chief Valiquet best during my tenure as a selectman with oversight of the police department. I have no doubt that Chief Valiquet will do an outstanding job as sheriff of Merrimack County.”

And thank you to, Lou D’Allesandro, who said, “It is my pleasure to write a letter in support of Jim Valiquet for Merrimack County Sheriff. I have known Jim for a number of years and have witnessed his work on behalf of police officers throughout our state.”

Thank you to all of our supporters, those that gave us these kind words of encouragement and endorsements, as well as those that have written to us committing to vote for Jim.

Thank you to everyone that volunteered, donated, displayed a yard sign, and helped us get Jim’s message out to the voters.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

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NH Primary Election: Tuesday, September 8th, 2020